Gallery 3 stack: can I add a loupe icon to an image?

it turned out that it´s not clear to everybody that images on a clients website within a gallery stack are clickable to open a scaled version in a Lightbox.
I used the „¡remote image" function and want to show only 1 image on the site, but the user can click through a bunch of images as soon as he opened the Lightbox from the initial image.
is there a way to have some kind of a label or overlay (preferred) showing a loupe icon or similar to make it clearer that the image is clickable/zoomable?

If you use several “remote images” and the “single image grid”, you could add on the first “remote image” a loupe by yourself (photoshop), and add the original image to the retina/HiDPI version. With that, the image with the loupe is shown for the thumbnail, and the other one for the lightbox.


unfortunately I don´t want thumbnails - just 1 plain image. Not a big deal for a hand full of images - but I use this setup all over the website with dozens of images… besides the extra work: it´s a lot of extra kb to load for the user. I would be happy if there would be any chance to see such an option in the future for the single image grid. :slight_smile: rock on!

…if not a label-option - maybe ONE extra slot in the stack settings to link to an overlay PNG above the image that shows on the page…? would that be possible (I mean technically)?
this way I would only have to prepare one additional image, warehouse one additional image, load one additional image :slight_smile:
but I am not a dev - might be a stupid idea. but I like it! :slight_smile:

With the single image grid, you are already using thumbnails. In detail: One (1).

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The kB’s will need to be loaded no matter if the image is built in or one you provide. You could also just put something like a caption, giving instruction to “click to enlarge” kinda like Amazon does.

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From what janis said I thought I should prepare the image in Photoshop to have a loupe overlay IN that particular image I want to show first.
The problem with this approach is: as soon as the client decides to change the (first) image via CMS - the loupe would disappear, because it was part of the image – not an overlay as I meant it to be.
You can not expect the client to fiddle around in photoshop…

You asked for Remote Image Stack Integration, not for a CMS. Which CMS do you want to use?

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