Gallery 3 Stack questions

I’m using the Foundation theme with Gallery 3 Stack.

  1. After I add a bunch of images to a page I want to rearrange them. When dragging images to a new location the computer slows down a lot. Using foundation grid and lightgallery lightbox. My iMac should have more than enough (32GB) to handle this. What’s wrong?

  2. Also, is there any way to add multiple images at one time? It is laborious to add images one by one in the image+thumb pro mode?

Harold, I already replied your email some days ago where you asked these questions also… :thinking:

These aren’t Gallery Stack specific issues.

Performance issues when drag and drop in a Stacks plugin page might be related to RW directly or to the Stacks plugin.

Also the feature request of multiple image uploads from your desktop to the Stacks page have to be discussed with @isaiah

Remember you have the option of a FTP folder integration for bulk loading of images (Server side).

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It’s tough to say. It depends on a great many factors – like the type and size of the images – the makeup of the stack – and the other content on the page.

We’re working on ways to make (at least some) interactions with images in Stacks 4 much faster. I’d recommend waiting for the Stacks 4 beta (next month for sure) – and see if it helps. If it doesn’t, then please contact me and send me your page so I can see the problem in action and try to improve it.

This (and other multiple-stack interactions) should be in Stacks 4 very soon. :slight_smile:




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