New: Introducing the Filter Stack

(Yabdab) #1


Introducing the Filter Stack

Filter & Sort Magical Layouts

Instead of boring you with a bunch of text describing what Filter does
( FAQ ,Catalogs, Galleries, the possibilities are endless… ),
we made this little video to just show you.

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(r) #2

Hi, is it possible to set which category gets shown first? For example i want to create a video catalog and i only want the user to see the new releases first and then they can choose the genre as opposed to show all on load. Thanks!

(Yabdab) #3

Items are shown in the same order they are in the edit mode. So just make sure all New items are at the top of the list.

(mark hunter) #4

Is it possible to set the stack to filter for more than one criteria at a time, so in the coloured icon example in the video could I select red and blue and have all the red AND blue icons returned?

Yabdab's Filter Stack
(Yabdab) #5

Depending on how well Filter does, that would be a planned future upgrade.

(Bruce Kieffer) #6

Anybody have the Filter stack? Can you confirm that a stack like TopBox works if placed inside Filter? I want to know that the lightbox function of TopBox still works. Thanks.

(Pedro Perdomo M.) #7

Tested, seems to works


(Bruce Kieffer) #8

@peppermint, Thanks much!

(Gary) #9

@yabdab - I love this stack! It will be very useful to a lot of people.

(Brad Halstead) #10

@yabdab, Haven’t purchased yet, but will, have already sent in a feature request :wink: Will have to see how many people want the same option though lol.

It sure looks beautiful!


(Adam Olson) #11

Can you change the sort order like

I know it says “Sorting - Rearrange the order of item elements based on their data.” in the product description but it doesn’t seem like it does it quite the same “Sort by Year, Name & Position”.

None of the examples listed show that it can do this

Anyone have any comparison experience they have with this versus Hunter 3 or any other filter stack?

I would love to hear or see a comparison if anyone has more input.

Filter Stacks Comparison