Gallery3 ftp lightbox images in wrong order *Solved*

I have had a gallery using gallery 3 for a while and it has been fine. I use the ftp option with a folder ‘gallery-images’ in the public-html folder.

Today I wanted to replace around 7 of the images, so I did so ensuring the new images used exactly the same filenames as the images being replaced. Once done I ftp’d the updated folder.

On the surface the gallery looks fine with new images in their correct places - matching the order of the ftp’d folder. However, when in lightbox mode using the arrows, images appear in the wrong order. The thumbnail strip along the bottom is also in a different order.

Any ideas what might be happening?

Update to 3.8.0 and switch to the new, improved masonry option solved the issue. Thanks as ever to Janis at Instacks for great and prompt support.

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Yes, there’s a bit of confusion with the Grid-A-Licious Grid, so I added another improved Masonry Grid in 3.8.

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