Questions about building a Gallery Page

(Hugh Sakols) #1

I am building a photography web site using the Volcano theme. I am thinking that I will build a separate gallery page using the grid stack. Each grid would represent a different portfolio. At this point, I thought I would then link each grid to a Juicebox HTML5 Gallery. What would something like Gallery Stacks 3 offer me over Juicebox? Can someone show me an example of a site with multiple portfolios using a Gallery Stack?


(Lisa Sandler) #2

Stick with Pro Gallery from @willwood from and do like I did… This is Adaptive Grid with a Pro Gallery stack in each. I am also using the Volcano theme.

(Marc) #3

I personally really like Gallery Stacks 3…it’s extremely versatile and the support is great!

(Marc) #4

…plus you should maybe really have a look into Foundation :slight_smile:

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #5

I like the Photo stack by Nick Cates too. A very good gallery stack IMHO.

(Hugh Sakols) #6

Yes, the Collections in Photo Stack looks like what I’m trying to do.