Gallery issues and cms id

I know that there is an issue with the TCMS gallery and F6 which may be the issue I am having, but can I clarify one point. Should the gallery CMS ID be the same as for the Blog Form or different? I am having different issues whichever way I go, I just want to narrow the problems down. I am separately looking at Gallery 3 - looks good!

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Thanks! Gallery Stack in combination with Total CMS and Foundation 6 also works great.

What if the CMS ID question?

Not on my Mac, and cannot tell out of my head.

Maybe the the Total CMS Test project helps out.

At leas the following test project contains a sample page with a Total CMS blog and Gallery Stack:
This might not help you with your question related to the inbuilt gallery, I know.

Thanks I will try the test project.

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