Issues with Photo Album in RapidWeaver 8

When I setup a Photo gallery, the formatting is fine in RapidWeaver and in the “Simulation” mode. However, once I publish the page the formatting of the text and navigation for the individual pictures in the gallery no longer matches the theme. Note, this only occurs when I click one of the images in the gallery. I don’t see anything I can tweak to adjust this.

When the Preview doesn’t match the Published site, there’s about a 99% chance it’s one of the following:

  • your browser cache has not picked up the latest changes. try clearing your browser cache or better yet, just try in a different browser altogether.


  • the FTP to your site was interrupted in some way at some time and some parts of the site were not completely published.

If clearing your cache doesn’t do anything, choose Re-Publish All Files from the file menu. This is NOT the same as a regular publish. It forces RW to ignore what things it thinks need to be published – and just go ahead and republish EVERYTHING. It may take a little while if you have a big site, so go get a cup of coffee while it works, but when it’s done everything will get published.

If that doesn’t work (and it almost always does) then post a link to the site for us to have a look at, the folks here on the forum can look at the details of what’s happening and probably give you a better idea of how to fix it.


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