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I have a very large collection of miniatures perfume bottles that I want to put on my website.

If I put an image and use the sidebar for text like name bottle, content people cannot see the text on for example an iPhone.

I would like to do the following ;

( underneath ) Name designer
Name perfume

How do I do that ? I have approx 1000 pictures of different bottles.

I have tried using the sidebar but on safari or chrome for Mac Book and iPad it works fine but not for the iPhone.

Can somebody help me ? I am a newbie with Apple. Use to work with frontage and windows

Do you have the Stacks plugin? That will be the easiest way to do it.

I do not have stacks. Where can I find it ?

It’s a paid-for plugin for Rapidweaver that allows you to create all sorts of layouts (and a gazillion other things) quickly and easily.

You buy it from Yourhead Software - - and it comes with several layouts built in - columns, grids, text, pictures etc - so it’s possible you’ll be able to create the look you’re after just using the Stacks plugin.

If you can’t then there are hundreds (about 800 I think) of ‘stacks’ (note the small ‘s’) which work ‘inside’ the Stacks plugin and let you create fantastic layouts. You’ll easily be able to get the layout that you’re after.

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May I add in regard to stacks… Look around! There are many free stacks available and some stacks developers have “try before you buy” policy which is good for newcomers to Stacks (ie: you can download and try limited versions before you buy). Browse these forums for terms like “lightbox” and “gallery” for discussions and ides.

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