Gallery stack for lazy file dumper

Hi All. I would like to know if there is a gallery stack for someone who just needs to put up a lot of photos. I would prefer to select a giant file full of sports pictures and then push the publish button.

I have been using the RW gallery and after dragging 50 or so pictures from resources… my computer starts to slow down and then with enough pictures on one page the publish fails.

So Please recommend

  1. easy gallery for large folders of photos
  2. opinions on how many photos should one put on a page and
  3. related publishing issues.

thanks marty

It’s always best to put out just the best pictures. There aren’t many users who want to dive through hundreds of photos.

Nevertheless, here is a stack supporting what you want: inStacks Software | Gallery Stack 3 - The most versatile and kick-ass Photo Gallery


Thanks Jannis. My Host has multi PHP. 5.6 to 7.X what ever that means. will that work with the gallery stack3?

And of course many users wouldn’t want to go through piles and piles of photos, but when one figures out how to make them do it, to spend hours on your website digging through pictures, and liking it, then that would be the nature of web business success.
In this case it is hundreds of people who lost the 50k race. They lived so they want to see and download their pictures.

Cheers Marty

Yes, that will work. I suggest to use the latest available 7.x version.

Hi Jannis, 2 questions

  1. does the gallery stack load all the pictures on the page when the page opens or just when the user scrolls down?
    2)will installing and using the gallery stack automatically update my C panel to use PHP 7 or do I have to change that manually, and is there danger of making a mess by doing that?

I use current software and hardware. RW8 10.14.3 etc

Thanks Marty

Yes. Therefore, use dedicated, smaller thumbnails.

I am not able to do this kind of magic. This has to be done by you / your hoster.

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Jannis, Thanks for your answer. My host often mixes incoherence with their magic. Why they don’t use the latest version of PHP and instead have “multiPHP” is beyond me which is why,
I am asking if there is danger of making a mess if I go into my c panel and change the PHP version to 7.2.

Below I have pasted the answer my host provided. I am keeping in mind that this is the same host that provided me with incorrect publishing paths and then wasn’t able to figure out why we were not able to publish.

Thanks Marty

“Your domain is currently using PHP 5.6 and it is hosted in a server with MultiPHP enabled. This server is enabled with PHP versions 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 and you will be able to apply that on your website. The current PHP version set on your domain is 5.4. You can apply newer PHP version from MultiPHP Manager in cPanel. The below link will help you in this:
If you would like us to change the PHP version, please let us know.”

Most hosts provide the option for you to select the version of PHP to use for your site. There can by incompatibilities running older PHP code on newer versions of PHP due to deprecated features/functions. Similarly, you will likely have issues running newer code on older versions of PHP. By providing the user the ability to select which version of PHP to run, they allow each user to use the appropriate version. It’s a good way to handle this. If they always just updated to the latest version, it could break user’s code and they would be very unhappy!

If you aren’t running PHP for anything else, you should be fine running 7.2. It’s only of those things where you’ll know you have issues when you actually do.

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Thanks Don. I am, trying to be up to date with all my software and hardware, or at least I up date everything at the same time periodically and then try to do all my publishing at the same time. It seems to me like this month would be a good one to update everything for those who only update periodically. As soon as you feel like the new RW is stable then that would be the the best time to get all the software on the same level.

I learned to be patient when apple went from 9 to osx and many developers took the year off to wait and watch. Same thing when RW went from 3 to 4.

I will try PHP 7.2

If there is a list of RW add ons that will not work with PHP 7.2 I would like to read it. Thanks Marty

I don’t know of a list. You could check the developer’s website for each stack to see what they support/recommend.

Keep in mind, most stacks do not use PHP. I think v7.2 is a pretty good choice at the moment.

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