Gamma, by Multi. What happened to my post? Questions on Cover pag

Hi, Everyone – I wrote a post that was more of a long tome a couple days ago. But I cannot find it today and it does not show up under my nickname, so I’m trying again. Many challenges with this site’s Page 1 on Multi’s Gamma theme. DON’T judge this by the colors, please. I haven’t adjusted them yet. That cyan is too bright up top and the title probably will be black, not blue. Now the problem: I love being able to lay text over a photo – above the photo or on top of it, but I want to make the text background (the color of the container) CLEAR so it looks like the text is ON the photo. And I want to get rid of the Extracontent 3 section altogether (THE PURPLE BAR). Not sure how to do that, so I colored it PURPLE on my home page so it would show up and you could see it. If I cannot get rid of it, then I’d like to just make it CLEAR, or no color at all. Originally I had it the same color as the sky, but it clips off some of the photo under it, and since I’m not using it for anything I’d rather not have the photo clipped by it. Right now, this Extracontent section is sitting on top of the lower part of the image and insisting on being a color rather than transparent. And therefore, it is ruining the photo. Since this is the cover, I want to direct people inside right at the end of my text. I’ll accept having a menu at top, but would rather have the “enter” button be at the buttom of the text (which SHOULD be sitting in a clear box on top of the photo.) I have a buttonmaker stack so I can put one there . . . but I need the box (or container) to be clear.

Is what I said understandable? Also, I ended up putting the organization’s logo in a column next to the text rather than in the logo’s actual location, which is right under the three-line menu bar, upper right, and not the right spot for this particular logo (which would have to be too small, and therefore not very “legible.” It would be more difficult to see that it is a ship.) This logo – an old ship – really should be to the left of the title. But the “open” button is right under the title and it is squeezed up too high, so I am probably am not going to use the open button at all. If I could use the ship there, instead (Only higher and to the left of the title), I would. I showed the “open” button only so you could see how awkward it looks there. Why do they squish it in up there? Maybe there is another theme that would accomplish what I want to do better than Gamma. Suggestions?

Here’s a screengrab. Once I get the cover the way I want it, I’m sure I’ll be okay on the inside pages. I’d appreciate any help you could give me.

Still wondering what happened to my original post. I THOUGHT it went through. Maybe I asked too many questions. Maybe I tried to attach too many photos. Anyway, I thought it was here a couple days ago but is gone now. I came back a few times on the day that I put it up but no one had answered my questions, so I figured maybe I’d used this community forum too many times this month. The last problem I had was an awful one and it wasn’t even RW’s fault… turned out to be the server’s fault, but there were 120 posts (Q & As as people were trying to help me.) Maybe no one answered this one so they took it down. I would really love some help on this. Thanks so much.

(P.S. If you have to give me some pieces of code to do this, that would be okay, but do please tell me what to do with them, if so. Thanks again!!!)

One more thing: I cannot seem to locate the manual right now. I do believe one came with the theme, but am not sure where it is. Maybe I can find one online. However, I believe I already read it once a month or so ago. I was looking for instructions on how to use the Parallax feature and didn’t find them. Here, in the edit bars at right, there’s just an on or off button, but I cannot figure out whether I can put images in it (tiled or just a big gradient or even one big abstract image) or whether I have to use or choose from the default Image(s). There’s just an on/off feature in the menu. It would be nice to color it, at the least, as long as we have a say in whether to use one or not.

I fixed it as much as I could with this theme. But I really need to get the main text block on a transparent background because it is a responsive page and when you view it in a narrower format it kills the image underneath. In this case, I’d rather sacrifice text than image. (This is a rare situation.) But if I can drop out that extracontent, it will compress so much better without damaging the photo. And I can either make the font bolder or change the color so that it will show better over the photo if the compression pushes the type down that much.

It’s still too cyan up top but I will soften it and change it assuming I can knock out the color of the text container background and also lose the extra content 4 feature underneath the text.

Here’s the background Paralax menu item. That is, of course, a topic unrelated to making the background clear. But you experts seem to know most things, so I figured if you were looking at this, anyway, maybe you could explain something that I didn’t find elsewhere:

Again, many thanks.