Export site, generating checksums

Hi all, After an upgrade from RW6 to RW8.4.1 I have a problem with export site. From file to export site to an existing folder my website, then you see that writing is done until halfway then generating checksums appears and it doesn’t continue.
Does anyone know a solution

Make sure all of your plugins are up to date

Hi Scot,

Before the upgrade I copied RW Addons to a folder and imported them in RW8 however, I also see that there is a folder in the same folder with Plugins Disabled?
How do I know if all plugins are up to date?

On the bottom left side of where your stacks are listed you’ll see an area to check them and update them.

I have done that and there are 3 updates, after that no success.
Generating checksums keeps coming.

The update button on the lower left side only checks for updates for stacks not plugins and see what plugins you have. You can see the versions and then check manually with the vendor to see if there is an update.

My other suggestion would be to launch RW6 and see if the or prior to converted project file (the old one should still be there unless you deleted it) does the same thing.

RapidWeaver should check for plugins updates upon launch.

I’d probably have a look at the addons manager in the menu bar and under plugins.

Thanks for you respons.
I check my RW 6 buth but there is a message with unable to load all pages in my website, You will not be able to publish the content for those pages.
Missing plugins: Stacks

That could be true because I have all addons and plugins moved to a folder to be able to load in RW8, but unfortunately this still doesn’t work.

I followed the instruction Manually copying about addons from RapidWeaver 6 or 7 to RapidWeaver 8

At the bottom appears when you launch RapidWeaver 8 now, all your addons should be installed and available. But unfortunately !!!


You probably would have been better off copying the addon insteed of moving them.

What addons (plugins do you have?
You could try this:

  1. Copy the stacks plugin to some place (you can down load another copy if you need to)
  2. Launch the old RW6
  3. take the copy of the stacks plugin and drag it to the RW6 icon in the dock
  4. That should prompt you to install stacks back into RW6
  5. Try to open the project again in RW6

You can also copy (not move) all of the addons back into the RW6 library
Then try to export to a folder again from RW6.

Thanks a lot that you wil help my.

think that the plugins are ok now, but it remains strange that I cannot write to a folder with 'my website via export.

in RW6 I also saw the dots behind the pages delete during export, but that is not the case now either. The export stays with the ‘sales’ page

use of plugins and stacks see under,

If I understand you, the export is not working in RW6 aswell?

Yes, in RW6 things get stuck and the stand ball keeps running. This issue came after an upgrade from Mac to Catalina. Is also the reason that I am going to upgrade to RW8

Not sure what is causing the problem.

You might try copying the project file and start a process of elimination. See if you can isolate what is causing the checksums error.

Are you able to preview each page?

In RW8 you can set up a publishing destination to a local folder, in the publishing settings. I’d do that, and then right-click on each page and publish them one at a time. Might identify the page that’s causing the problem.

possibly the problem is in HV Foton slidshow images stack, See screenshot what happens if I want to use the stack in a few pages.
I also don’t know if the stack HV photon slidshow images is suitable for RW8?

I have created a new folder with MY website and exported to it, unfortunately it stops and starts generating generation checksums.

then I changed all pages as unchanged and 1 page as changed then public page but unfortunately also then checksums and happens with every page

to become despondent

First I’d recommend you get the serial number squared away with the stacks plugin.
If you don’t know the serial number you can look it up at the YourHead website at the bottom of every page.

As for the HV photon stack, I don’t know if it is the problem, Henk Vrieselaar themes we’re taken over by @willwood. You can check out the this link, there is a Henk slider stack: ThemeFlood | Stacks

I’m not sure if I understand what you have done here.

Did you set this up in the publishing settings or did you export from the file menu?

What I suggest You try after you Get the serial number fixed, and check for updates for the theme and stacks.

  1. go into publishing
  2. Choose local folder from the publishing mode dropdown
  3. Choose the new folder
  4. Right-click on a single page on the left side
  5. Select publish page

You shouldn’t have to mark or unmarked pages as changed.

What you’re trying to do is isolate the problem.

Thanks again,
I have the question open at Willwood whether HV photo slidshow image is still up to date and asked for the license number.

Otherwise install an alternative.

I did set up in the publishing setting.

So now wait for a reply from Wilwood.

Schermafbeelding 2019-12-19 om 08.35.07.png

I’m sure @willwood will get back to you, he’s usually pretty quick.

While you’re waiting for a reply you might try a new project with a simple blank page and see if you have any issues exporting using the same theme. If you do then try one of the included RW8 themes. That would let you know if it’s a theme or RapidWeaver problem.

Am still trying to get RW8 working. HV Foton slideshow image Has Will never heard of?

Strange because I have contact with Henk Vrieselaar and he says that he really should know this stack, well rara

It also appears that HV Foton does not merge with LiquidGallery, so I have to come up with something else.

I had another idea of an upgrade to RW8!

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