Rapid weaver 7 - update plugins

Can’t find the “update plugins” capability…

It may be lost in that beard! If it’s not there, try using the Rapidweaver menu:

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Ha… checked the beard, nothing but lunch crumbs and dried beer… yeah, I know where the program update is… I’m looking for the plugins update.

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It was here… https://www.dropbox.com/s/0io504xlvjgfr7t/Screen%20Shot%202016-09-13%20at%202.43.06%20PM.png?dl=0

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Ah yes. Not to get into semantics/technicalities but that’s the updater for stacks only. Plugin updates (Rapidcart Pro, for example are in the one from my screenshot above). Glad you found what you needed nonetheless

No… sorry to have miscommunicated… I sent you a screen shot of Rapidweaver 6… can’t find it in Rapidweaver 7.

Oh I see, sorry. I’m mesmerized by your beard and can’t think straight.

If you click the cube icon should be at the bottom of your Stacks library.

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Dooooouuugh. I musta got crosseyed on my bodacious beard and missed it. Thanks so much!