Geting Stacks to work on my laptop?

(Andrew) #1

I’m trying to get Stacks to work on my laptop. Usually use my PC. Have emailed my download over to the laptop ok, but just get a message saying that I have to buy Stacks. Am I missing something simple?


(Doobox Software) #2

Your Stacks plugin licence code does not come along for the ride to your laptop. It is stored elsewhere on your machine. You need to provide a licence code on your laptop install.

(Andrew) #3

Thanks, any ideas where I can find it, search isn’t throwing it up?

(Doobox Software) #4

No, no, you’re not going to find the serial stored on your mac. You need to dig out your receipt (with serial) from your original purchase.
Go to Yourheads order look-up page here:

(Andrew) #5

Got it, thanks. Easy.

(system) #6

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