Stacks not installed after installing them

I transferred my stacks from the old mac to the new mac. when I open my website, it says “The Stacks plugin is missing”. When I go to Addons, stacks, it says stacks not installed. when I click, reveal in finder, they are there. (I installed them from that folder). Please help.

The stacks may be there but it is telling you the Plugin Stacks is not installed.

What is the Plugin Stacks and where do I find it? Does it also get transferred from the old computer to the new?

What version of stacks were you using (3 or 4)?

The stacks plugin latest version can be downloaded from

You’ll need your serial number (there’s a lookup in the footer of every page on that site).

If you need version 3 there’s a link in the footer as well.

3.6.9. I put in my serial number. I think that’s working.

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