Sitemap plus not in library, but in add-on folder

I have used sitemap plus for years, it’s excellent, now I am on the latest version of RW, and my sitemap plus (latest version thanks Isaac) is well placed in the add-on folder, but it does not appear in the library, so I cannot set up a new page sitemap. I reinstalled the plugin, I restarted rapid weaver, nothing working
any idea out there?


Open the addons manager (up near the inspector buttons)
Make sure it is checked as active:

Hello Douglas, I have already checked that, the plug in is in the your head folder, but does not appear in the library, so I cannot create a new page with this stack on; I went to another website that I disd a while ago, this website has a sitemap plus page that is functioning perfectly well, but although the page exist, and the plug in is working, it stil does not appear in the library
I am really baffled, may be Isaiah will have an answer?

I’m a bit confussed about what you are saying, You said it appears in the your head folder, but not in the library?

I’m assuming you are talking about the Folder in the addons manager like my screen shot above?

And the “library” what is that exactly? Are you refering to the + ^ button to add a page?

That might be one for RealMac, I think RapidWeaver controls what plugins display in the list.

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Sorry I did not realise I put a space, it is in the “YourHead folder”, there are a number of folders created with the name of the author of the plug in
It is bizarre, on the other website, I checked that everything was working, including the registration; it is all ok, but the plug in is not visible in the library

Sitemap Plus is an add-on not a stack. If you’re looking for it in the Stacks library, you won’t find it. You need to add a new page and select Sitemap Plus as the page type.


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