SiteMap Plus and PlusKit Issue

I have been using SiteMap Plus for years now and I always include it on my sites. My usual workflow is to create the SM+ page, configure all the settings and then using PlusKit I import that page into a Foundation page so that the page has the banner and the styling of all the other pages.

I have one on this site here for Protec…

As you can see the PlusKit import hasn’t worked, despite being able to see it OK in the preview in RapidWeaver. I think this could have something to do with the PHP version of the site as it was working on v5.6 but when I upgraded to 7 it broke the PlusKit import. However I need PHP7 so that my contact form works so I am wondering if I can fix SM+?

Here is the URL for the actual SiteMap Plus page…

and you can see it is all working fine so it is just the PlusKit import that is breaking it. Maybe I can keep the original SM+ page and add the styling to this page so I don’t have to use PlusKit at all, but I would need some advice on how to do that.

I have posted a ticket on the YourHead forum but not had any response so I hope someone here can help me.

Looks like you are using Foundations 1?

This is another way that should work.

On the sitemap Plus page set the settings to Insert sitemap in footer of all pages:

Make sure under General settings you have the footer checked:


With Foundations 1 there is a stack called footer text. Place that on the page instead of the PlusKit import.

That should place the sitemap on the page.

BTW, if when you upgrade to Foundation 6 there is no longer a footer tet stack. You can get the same results by placing an HTML stack on the page and setting the content to


Thank you Doug, I hadn’t realised this was a feature built into SiteMap+ and Foundation. This has resolved the problem so I am thrilled. :+1:t2:

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