Getting PDF documents to website page

I built a website with RW 7. Then, I foolishly upgraded to RW 8. I lost all the PDFs which I had listed on a single page as “Writing Samples”.

I have the PDFs in a file on my desktop, but I cannot get them on my website. I tried dragging them and all sorts of things. After about 5 hours I would appreciate information on how to get them on the Writing Samples website page. It has been so easy with RW 7.

In the alternative, maybe I should redo my entire website in RW 7. Sure wish you had an users manual for RW8.

Sorry that you ran into problems.

Without knowing more about how you did this with RW7, it’s hard to help.

Do you have a URL to the existing “writing samples” page?

Or at least give us a clue as to what kind of page type you used(stacks, markdown, styled text, etc etc, and how you put them on the page.

I could hate Rapidweaver 8 more, but I don’t know how. I have a Mac that has never has Rapidweaver of any kind. If I can find a clean Rapidweaver 7 (I still have my key), I will do my website back to 7. Couldn’t possibly take as long as trying to fix this mess.

You can download all previous versions of RW here:

As Apple continues to update MacOS, you’re likely going to have issues with RW7. I’d install RW7 and see if it will get you back to the point you can edit and update your site. I’d then budget some time to move forward with RW8.

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