Giving tests online

I want to challenge a large number of people to take a test on the arguments for God’s existence. I have 25 questions, short answer and long answer. I could, of course, sent them a word document with the questions, have them answer the questions on the word document, and send it back to me. I’ll get more people to take the test, however, if it is on a website. Can I do this now with a RapidWeaver website? Wow, What about Playloom 3 beta test that I just saw?

For online surveys you should find a lot of tools you can link from a RapidWeaver project, e.g.:

  • Doodle
  • Polldaddy
  • Freesurveycreator
  • Facebook offers an option for surveys
  • or you can use Google Docs

And a lot more


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Why not use one of the many form stacks? I’ve built a competition (17 quiz questions + 6 personal detail fields) using FormSnap which saves the answers to a MySQL table and also sends me a notification when someone enters:

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