Go Database-less! FormsPlus now supports SheetMonkey and FormSpark

Save your form submissions online, without ever touching a database. FormsPlus 2.2.0 is now available via the Stacks updater. The biggest feature in v2.2.0 is that it now support for both FormSpark and SheetMonkey. These are two awesome looking services to save form submissions without the need for a database. Very easy to use. Very RapidWeaver-y.

I hope everyone makes great use of these new features.


[2.2.0] - 2021-07-30


  • FormSpark.io support as a new Template option
  • SheetMonkey support as a new Template option
  • Custom scroll offsets on Next via CSS or JS
  • Allow users to set the timezone used for processing Templates
  • Add Placeholder coloring options for Elements


  • Include additional debug information in crash reporter


  • Fixed an issue where boolval would return true (thus, turning on a feature that should be off/disabled)

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Awesome, thatโ€™s a great update. Looking forward to taking it for a spin!

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