RapidWeaver + SheetMonkey + Notion

I came across SheetMonkey today, it looks pretty nifty and would work with RW (And Notion)
You can basically send your form data to Notion, handy for collating feedback, enquires, etc…

To make it work you need to be able to change the post method on your form submit button. So perhaps a third party stack allows that, or you could hand code the form and paste it into your site :man_shrugging:

Anyways, I thought it looked interesting and was worth posting!

More details on their site if you’re interested:: How to submit forms to Notion

Happy Weaving!


Coincidently I heard about Sheet Monkey via Twitter a week or two ago. I have already added support for both SheetMonkey.io and Formspark.io in the forthcoming Formulate stack update. This will be a free update for all existing users.

Sheet Monkey is ridiculously easy to get working. Although I have to say Formspark is quite a game-changer, with the immense flexibility it provides.

A couple of members in my Discord group have been Beta testing this latest Formulate update and told me it works great for them.

I’ll try to encourage them to post some reviews about it on the community addons website. I’ve noticed the number of reviews being left for my addons have dried up in recent weeks :frowning:

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That’s awesome.

Not really looked at Formspark before, but that also looks good for collecting data via forms. Nice!

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