Has anyone else had this problem?

I host all sites with Chillidog hosting. But new client im hosting with Godaddy.

I have all publishing settings correct. But most of the time cant make any FTP connection. Weirdly every so often I can! Its random. No explaination for why suddenly I can connect and update site. The Godaddy guys have done all tests and say all is fine so must be my end.
WTF? Same problem for Transmit … but I can publish to Chillidog. Surely if I had some weird firewall it wd screw with Chillidog too?

I’m in also in LA and have the same problem with my one client left on godaddy. Godaddy support just makes up fantasy excuses and usually tried to blame it on TWC/Spectrum, my ISP. I have to use my mobile hotspot to publish. When I last checked there were many complaints about this online in both the godaddy support forum/pages and other places online.

Thanks for replying. Im seriously going mad !
The GoDaddy support guys are so nice and helpful. Yet I feel like Im in the Westworld TV series or something. As it happens im using TWC/Spectrum and they didnt actually mention that might be a problem ! But I will pay anything and sign up with anyone … just to make things work… and not sit here for hours trying to find out why I cant even make a connection.

goDady has to be one of the worst hosting co in the world. There are literally thousands of complaints out there about them. But, their huge marketing budget keeps sucking new people in. They probably have you on shared hosting with a thousand other sites and the server can’t handle the ftp connections requested at any given time. Set your connections/publishing speed in RW down to 1 and see if it publishes.

Hmmm… yes the godaddy support guys are nice but in my experience with this issue anything but helpful. They just try to deflect responsibility for the problem with all sorts of fantasy excuses. Perhaps they shifted from blaming it on Spectrum to blaming it on a non-existant firewall on your side, as that was an excuse that could be verified by Spectrum as not being the problem.

Yes THANKS maybe im not going mad. That is the only thing I could think of.
Everytime I speak to them they say it has never happened before … so they cant help. But my settings are correct and one time in 100 tries I can make updates.

Ditto what @swilliam said. If you take RW down to 1 ftp connection you might connect after 25- 50 tries, or you might not. And then if you time out while making an edit in RW and then try to republish, you will have to try another 50 times and may not ever connect. That’s been my experience. Best thing is to use your mobile hotspot when publishing to godaddy. That’s a bit of a pain but has always worked for me, with decent upload speed with ATT.

You are going mad but with godaddy’s help. “Never happened before” - that’s a new one. There are complaints about this issue with Godaddy from TWC/Spectrum users going back many years.

godaddy support = zero credibility

There are previous posts about this problem on the forum from other users as well, going back at least to 2017.

Im so angry
One is only as strong as ones weakest link.
I am angry with myself too because when I met the client 2 months ago They said they were with Godaddy and I said I hate them. They said ok fine change to whoever you want. I should have got onto it ahead of the game and set it up with Chillidog. Instead I needed to set it up all really fast yesterday so thought fk it I’ll publish to Godaddy.

Have you tried using your mobile hotspot ?

Yes. Thats why im so fed up. It works ! (For the small text changes)
I have been onto Godaddy phone support about 20 times in the last 24 hrs.
Which has lead to a crap w/e for my family because each call is a long wait to talk to the very nice but ultimately useless godaddy help person.
I did not charge much for this website because it was simple. I had not taken into account that I would need to allow sitting here for 10 hours each time I needed to make a small change.
My client who trusted me completely and could have led to more work now must think im a feeble dingbat.

When I connect with the hotspot on my iPhone I get six ftp connections with RW and publishing speed/time is comparable to when I publish to Chilidog or other hosting accounts when connected with Spectrum. I can publish any files or resources I need to godaddy - large files are not a problem.

Is that not your experience?

It is my experience that godaddy support will just blow smoke about this issue no matter how many times you call them.

Yes. My iphone has bad reception in the house. 1 bar.
Im trying a republish.

I think the Godaddy guys are reading from a script. They sound happy and convincing … but certainly cant help. I had been testing on a chillidog hosting site while building … so all was simple ans smooth.

Oh, if you get bad phone reception a home that is a problem. Only thing I can think of is if you have a laptop you could go to another wifi network. But if you’re using a desktop obviously not possible.

Thanks to you I have got the site to an ok standard for the moment.
I’ll transfer it to Chillidog hosting tomorrow.
Very frustrating … but hopefully will save time for others …that think they have lost their mind when dealing with Godaddy ! (Possible culprit combo Spectrum TV internet)

Glad it helped. Although I’m not particularly fond of Spectrum’s service, I don’t really see any culpability on Spectrum’s part in this issue as I can connect and upload to any other hosting service with no problems, including Chilidog, Bluehost, Dreamhost and Hostmonster. And being that Spectrum is one the most widely used ISP’s in this region, I think the onus is on godaddy to sort out the problem. In many part of LA the only non-dsl option is Spectrum, as it is here in NELA. And in my neighborhood, and many others the DSL is awful, and from what I understand there is no plan to install fiber optic lines.

I also agree with @swilliam that it may have a lot to do with godaddy just having too many accounts on a shared server.

Yeah, always good to search the forum for answers as I and others have previously posted about this issue with Godaddy and Spectrum.

Yes. I was in a panic to get the site up. Was lazy and should have sorted Chillidog out in advance. I did read through the forums and have always avoided Godaddy like the plague … hence saying when I first met new client that I’d rather transfer them to Chillidog.
I remember ages ago having trouble publishing a site to Godaddy and having trouble with forms.
In this case I thought it was such a simple site … no forms no complicated anything … that all would be fine. It didnt occur to me I wouldnt be able to connect !
Anyway transfering all to Chillidog asap. Im just cross with myself. What could have taken about an hour to sort out last week has wasted at least 10 hours.

Just want to say for the record that Greg at Chillidog hosting sorted it ALL out for me today (Sunday)
Now hosting happily with Chillidog! It works out cheaper too because Godaddy charge an additional $8 per month for https At chillidog it is included in the $9 per month.

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