Rapidweaver Ecwid and Ajax? help!

Using Stacks and Freestacks Responsive.

Have an Ecwid store embedded, but do not understand how to use google ajax to get my ecwid store indexed.
Here are my instructions and questions:

“1. Download the file ‘ecwid_ajax_indexing.php’ and place it in your site’s directory on your server.”

Feeling very noob when I stop at step one. I use go daddy hosting, do I need to place this file into my root directory using my godaddy hosting file manager? Or do I put this somewhere into my site on rapidweaver itself?

“2. In the PHP file, which is responsible for displaying your store page, add the following code in the head section (between the and tags) before title and description tags:”

Ok, I think I can follow the coding well enough, but - is this code that I will be inserting in the header on my page inspector for the page containing the stack with my store widget?

Code is below, but I think those two above should answer the bulk of my questions. Please forgive my ignorance :slight_smile: Learning everyday!

<?php $ecwid_store_id = YOUR_ACTUAL_STORE_ID; include_once "%PATH%/ecwid_ajax_indexing.php"; if (!isset($_GET['_escaped_fragment_'])) { echo ''; } ?>​

In the code above:

replace YOUR_ACTUAL_STORE_ID with your store ID (how to find it)
replace %PATH% with the real path to the uploaded ‘ecwid_ajax_indexing.php’ file

  1. Find the Ecwid product browser integration code in your store page file and add the following code after the Ecwid integration codes:
<?php echo ''; echo $ecwid_html_index; echo ''; ?>

Thats’ all - now search engines can index your catalog.

Same thing here. I’m using Ecwid embedded on Rapidweaver (stacks pages), different Ecwid Categories embedded in different pages of a website. No google indexing for Ecwid products.

Can anyone help please?