Google Map issue

(Ray Cutler) #1

I have map on a test page that locally in RW and local Safari displays correctly (in the UK). When I look online, the location is somewhere in Peru.

What could the issue be? This was an issue in RW7 as well as RW8

Any help is appreciated.

(NeilUK) #2

I’ve heard of that issue before, but haven’t experienced it firsthand.

The postcode was inputted incorrectly in that case. Might not be the same issue, but worth checking.

(Ray Cutler) #3

I don’t have the postcode in this one, but it works fine locally, its an odd one.

(NeilUK) #4

Maybe it needs a postcode?

(Ray Cutler) #5

Spoke to Gary at Doobox and he has advised the issue. I hadn’t added the Geocoding service within the Google API. All work OK now.

Cheers @Doobox - support as great as ever.

(system) #6

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