Google maps and other paraphernalia refuse to work under http

hello friends at rapidweaver, just found out that google maps refuse to work if your site is not https! first i thought is was my stack. tried a couple of other ones, same result. then i found out about the real problem.
noooooow… how do i go about switching my sites to https? i know that i have to get assl-certificate but other than that???
thanks much for any advice

Don’t worry, it’s not too complex, and thankfully @ben has just written up an article that explains how to upgrade your site to use https.

Hope that helps!

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Login to your website CPanel (or ask your hosting company) if they support Let’s Encrypt. If the option is provided in your CPanel, then you can basically turn-on SSL security in a single click. No extra cost or major changes to your site configuration. The certificate will auto-renew. Just change your site address in RW settings to HTTPS and republish.

I used to use CloudFlare on some websites, primarily for the free SSL offered. But the aggressive caching and other odd-ball settings drove me crazy! @barchard at Chillidog Hosting suggested I use Let’s Encrypt instead, and it was perfect. That’s what I now use on all my sites.


The certificate is only one small part of the move to https. You will need to check for external resources that use HTTP addresses such as CSS, JavaScript, fonts and warehoused images and change them as well (called mixed content).
Active mixed content, like JavaScript, CSS and fonts will “break” your page under HTTPS and not render correctly.
After you have the certificate, fixed the mixed content you’ll need to redirect all your HTTP to HTTPS, usually done with htaccess changes.
There’s lots of posts on this forum on making the switch. The fastest and easiest way would be through CloudFlare, as they take care of all, including mixed content and redirects for you.
Check out this post and the link to the article from CSS tricks.


Whilst I don’t doubt the benefits of moving to https, I’m confused as to why you say Google maps refuse to work under http? I have a few sites, all http, using Google maps just fine.

Probably because the Google maps is calling the JS under https:// @Steve_F

@tnittner - use this to flag your issue:

thanks much, michael, mucho appreciated!
greetings, tomas

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