My Maps Are Gone

I opened RW and had a message that there was a Maps 2 update. Installed the update and now all of my maps are one. This is for a real estate clients site so the maps are critical. I haven’t made any changes other than the update. Using the most recent version of RW, Stacks and Mojave. The maps were fine when ;ast opened prior to running the update. That you!

Can you reinstall the original stack, I keep copies for that reason…
Or use Time Machine to revert back.

If it’s Doobox Map2, you’ll more than likely have to get a Google Maps API key if you haven’y already.

Have you read the instructions on the Map2 page since updating?

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Yep, I have an API key. Nothing new on the Map instal page. Waiting to hear back from Doobox, will most likely go back to the previous version if there’s no fix. Just simple single point maps, no extra styling.

Do you have a link to a page with a missing map?

Unfortunately I can’t publish the site without the maps functioning. The site ids, there is a map for each development which as you can see function fine - once I ran the Map2 update this morning, I lost them.

You still are able to duplicate the page, make the copy invisible from the navigation, and just publish that copied page.

I’m having the same problem, even though I replaced the Google Maps API key. Did anyone find a solution. Even the ‘live demo’ maps on the Doo Box site don’t seem to be working,

Mine too! @Doobox

The demo is back up and running. It seems Google ended what they are calling a “free period” though I like everyone else had already enabled billing on our key.

All I needed to do was visit my Google console and click the “upgrade account” button they are presenting at the top of the page in the console.

I have not had time to look at the finer details yet.

One thing to note.
Inside of Rapidweaver your maps use our key and only start using yours on the live published page. So as our key has been down, this would have showed as an issue for everyone inside of Rapidweaver.

I put a Google map with Map2 from Doobox.
I created the API key and I entered the code in the dedicated location in Map2, and the address in “location”.
The plan appears correctly when I do a check with “preview page in Firefox”, but when I publish the site, the plan is displayed half a second and a message appears "Small problem … An error occurred Google Maps did not load correctly on this page For more technical information on this error, please consult the JavaScript console. "

I have no idea where the problem comes from (the site is in https)
Help, please!

As said above, when you preview you are using our google maps key, when published you start using your key.
This is screaming that there is an issue with your key.

I suspect (normally)… You have not enabled the geolocation api, or you have not enabled billing on the key you created.

Seeing the live example can normally determine the issue.

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thank you very much for your answer. I will see tomorow for enable billing or the geolocation.
Thank you :slight_smile:

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