After trying twice with DooBox support...Maps2

After trying twice with DooBox support and getting nothing back can anyone explain what you need to do after they have updated their Maps stack.

How do you add the referer mentioned in the release notes.

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Do you have already set up your own Google Maps API key?

Yes everything has been working ok but now after this update their isn’t a preview now inside RW and the maps display on my website isn’t displaying.

Check out this post - hope that helps.



Sorry I missed this one.
So the stack ow uses your API key within Rapidweaver preview as well as the live site. So your key must be setup correctly.
Also if you have set domain specific security on the key, then that must include “” or “localhost” in your list of referrers, as this is the preview url.

Google made the stack way to difficult to deploy now, hence it’s removal from Doobox a number of weeks ago.

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