🗣 Ask us a question and we’ll answer it on the podcast! (Wednesday 6th January)

(ben) #1

You know the deal by now… Ask us a question and we’ll answer it on the show, and likely mis-pronounce or make fun of your name :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers for your ears!

(Christopher Watson) #2

Probably not RW related but;
Do striped socks cost more than plain socks…?

(Brad Halstead) #3

Can you talk a little about SEO?

Can we have RapidWeaver 7 yet?

:scream: lol jk!


(Brad Halstead) #4

Serious question here…

Will there be a PDF or Online manual available at the same time as the official release of RapidWeaver 7 as it sounds like a pretty major overhaul and maybe the Joe Workman and 1 Little Designer books will no longer be very applicable like they are for RW5.x and 6.x?


(Mark Sealey) #5

Still think that management of Themes… to duplicate or not to duplicate etc… would db useful. Thanks :slight_smile:

(Chris french) #6

As Almost impossible didn’t take that long to create, have you thought about an Impossible Beaver & Bison sequel ???

Not exactly RW related but kinda… lol

(Brad Halstead) #7

Another serious question…

Other than opening multiple Foundation Themed Projects at the same time being an issue, is there any issue with opening multiple projects at the same time for transferring content from one project to another? Built-in and 3rd party standard Themes should be ok I assume, I am mostly asking about Pure, BootStrap, etc type Themes.


(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #8

Sorry to answer this one, but I think it needs an answer. Brad, this is no longer true with Foundation (I will be removing that FAQ on our Docs page soon), since the introduction of Stacks 3 we no longer use globals and tell people to use partials. It was the global stacks that could make this an issue.

(Brad Halstead) #9

Thanks @zeebe, that’s what I was going off of was the FAQ. Thank you for the answer and explanation.


(Brandon Scott Corlett) #10

You can currently duplicate a theme by using a right click on the theme when in the theme inspector. Is there additional functionality you are looking for?

(Brandon Scott Corlett) #11

I’m with @Chrisfrench, I want an official Beaver and Bison show!

(Brandon Scott Corlett) #12

@Turtle, what issue are you having opening multiple Fohndation Project files?

I often have anywhere from 1-4 projects open at a time.

UPDATE: never mind, I just saw @zeebe’s reply.
Just for the record the problem you are referencing was a result of Stacks caching certain information in the system. @isaiah promptly fixed it once it was reported through his support portal.

P.S. @zeebe I like the new avatar.

(Brandon Scott Corlett) #13

Now for my question; what is the best dream you have ever had?

(Demoulin) #14

How to handle the themes?
I mean, when building a very nice site ;-), you have to click on the theme button, then you see all the themes. But What theme is used on your beautifull site? You cannot see that. I would like to see that in the main control panel ; being able to see the name of the theme used.`Can you add this super usefull new feature in RW 7?
Btw, can I be part of the user beta testing?
Thank you

(Brandon Scott Corlett) #15

@modrellik, If you open the page inspector and look under styles you will see the theme and some options. https://infinit.io/_/LKrFXjB

Does this meet you needs?

(Demoulin) #16

Hi Brandon. Indeed it works, but you have to click twice to see the theme’s name.
My wish is to have the theme’s name in the main panel. It would be so much usefull :slightly_smiling:

(Brad Halstead) #17

@BrandonCorlett, sorry, NSFW rotf


(Brad Halstead) #18


I wasn’t having an issue with Multiple Foundations projects open at once because I was scared to death to try it due to the FAQ lol.

Now that I know there is no issue… well, that changes everything lol

Thanks @isaiah for fixing that issue.


(Brad Halstead) #19


Yes, I agree totally, AND when opening the Theme panel, your currently used Theme should be currently selected and scrolled to imho.

EDIT: In RW 6.3.7, the currently active Theme is automatically scrolled to and in focus when you open the Theme Drawer when in an open Project File. My bad… sorry @dan and crew…

So, display Theme name assigned to the Project/Page in header of RW would be an awesome addition since each page can have it’s own Theme, this would make it visually easier to see associated content for the Project imho.


(Demoulin) #20

You are right, but what is “imho”? :slightly_smiling:
When we open the theme’s panel, the used theme should highlighted or so to directly see wich one it is.