Grid stack doesn't show full web address length SOLVED THANKS

Just don’t use grids use regular columns!!! I thought this would work, but it still doesn’t show the whole thing. At least it let me make it into a link. We’ll see if this works…

Hello! I’m using current RW on Mojave with RWSkins,(my first use of stacks) trying adaptive grid and stacks grid to have 2 columns, description on left, web address on right. I can’t get the whole web address to show. Have tried using text stack, and html stack. Even tried uploading the site to see if it would show. Sadly it doesn’t.

Nor do the page names turn out as I think they should in the address bar. I wanted it to be called schedule

I’m continuing to look for adjustments so it might look different when you get to it. Thanks so much for helping.

The names in your left column are for your menu bar, not the page name. You need to open up the right-side inspector and insert the specific name you want. Right now you have a generic name of page-3 provided by RW because you didn’t name it with anything more specific. See screenshot below:

As for links there are several ways to do these. I use a Markdown stack and use this format for putting in links:

[link name](fullURL)

So if you wanted a link to Amazon you’d put in:

[Amazon If You Are Desperate](

If you are using text stack I believe you put in the name of the link, then highlight, then click on a link icon (bottom of screen, I think) to enter the full URL.


Thank you for your assistance Mathew!

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