GridIron 3 formatting


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I’m using this as an online database as a resident directory.

I am trying out this stack and and I’m having some formatting issues that are beyond my expertise. I need line breaks after zip code. I was provided instruction from Chillidog which I need help implementing.

The Stack is responsive based on the view/container it is placed in. Items wrapped in the + are overflow based on the browser width.

For line breaks (or other text properties), these are inherited from the theme. You can wrap your data in your CSV file with HTML like so:

<span style="text-justify: inter-word; line-break: strict;">TEXT</span>

It is not clear to me where this specifically goes in the .csv file.

I’ve attached a screenshot of how it looks published and a screenshot of the .csv file.

Replace the TEXT with your whatever your cell already has and replace what’s in the cell.

<span style="text-justify: inter-word; line-break: strict;">TEXT</span>

You’ll need to do that in every cell.

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