Trunk8 text formating

I bought Trunk8 from doobox ( thanks for the spring sale) but all of my formatting goes away when i use the stack.
I just want my line breaks back.
RW 7.3.3
Stacks 3
Freestack responsive
Any help?

That, unfortunately, is a limitation of Trunk8. It is only for plain text - so it will strip out any formatting. I tried Trunk8 a while ago but ended up switching to Peek-a-Boo from Joe Workman to be able to have styled content with a Read More link.

Hello @wcmitchell,

Paragraph Pro by BWD offers the same functionality (one of the child stacks) and many many more (incl. styling) :slight_smile:

As the stack is donationware, you may download and use it for free, but you should definitely consider a donation :smiley:


Thank you for the post I will try Paragraph Pro
I did buy a stack from Elixer Capsul
Was using a stacks4 stacks stack Trigger but want something a little more stylish

It seems that the file .is responsible for the settings of the stack, who can tell what to edit in order for this stack to understand the paragraphs?
How can sell a stack that he did not understand the paragraphs and stupidly combined text?