Gsheet Issue? - Shows up Blank in Multiple Themes

I’m trying to use Gsheet with the Depth Theme & Depth stack. Seems that Gsheet is behind the banner in the Depth stack. When switching between edit & view modes in Rapidweaver or refreshing the web page I see glimpses of Gsheet before it’s “covered” by the banner.

I’ve messed with any switch, setting or toggle I can find. Gsheet will show up if I place the main Gsheet stack on it’s own and the box stack in the Depth stack. Problem is the Box stack can’t “see” the settings in the main Gsheet stack. Or at least that’s my interpretation, since it doesn’t work.

For the life of me I can’t figure out how to get Gsheets to show in front of the banner. Is this a Depth issue or a Gsheet issue? Or a “me” issue. :frowning:

I sent request for support to both developers 5 days ago but haven’t received a response. Hoping the community might have seen something like this before. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks…

Maybe put GSheet inside the Useful Stack ( and experiment with changing the z-index?


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Thanks for the great idea @robbeattie. I tried a number of z-indexes from -100 to 100 with no success. :frowning:

I appreciate your quick response and for introducing me to usefulstack. I’m sure it will be useful (pun intended :stuck_out_tongue: ) in many future applications.

100 might not do it for a z-index. I’ve seen some that are super duper high (perhaps for things that a developer might think should never be behind anything). Do you have a test URL?


I started playing with +/-1, 2, 5, 10 then got crazy with 100. No success. Nick Cates got back with me and is looking at it. My confidence level is hi he’ll know what to do. :slight_smile: I’ll share afterward. Thanks!

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Started from scratch with Nick Cates and all started working. Who’d a thunk it? RW8, Depth or Gsheet got a fur ball? All goes well then I simply re-order the Gsheet text stack and it quits working again. Soooo, I try starting from scratch on the page again…still doesn’t work. I’m about to go nuts. Nick Cates was very helpful, but it’s been almost 10 days and Weavium isn’t responding to my support request email. I’m waaaay beyond the “please allow 1-2 days for a response…” :cry:

You can try to tag @weavium here on the forum and see if he’ll respond.

Without a URL to at least a test page with the issue it’s going to be hard for folks to help you out unless someone else is having the same problem with the same stacks.


Thanks for the suggestion @teefers. Never tho’t about @weavium being here. That should have been obvious. :frowning:

I’m happy to create a test page. Figured the fastest and easiest would be to get support from the dev, though. I’ll get back with the URL.

If there’s anyone who has the Gsheet stack, I can share a test RW8 file with a default theme. Pretty sure @weavium wouldn’t be happy if I shared the stack for testing/troubleshooting. It could be something boneheaded on my part, but I’ve been thru the tutorials and samples over & over. Maybe it’s a “can’t see the forest for the trees” thing. :cry:

Thanks for your time and suggestions.

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Hi there sorry for the late reply on this. It’s been a while since i’ve checked the forums.

Were you able to get your issue figured out by chance?

Good morning @weavium. This has been quite frustrating & perplexing at the same time. I’ve tried everything I can think of, even sending you a Dropbox link to a super basic RW8 file that would not work properly in RW. Even the test site I setup based on that RW8 file showed same thing RW8 had in preview mode. Nothing. :frowning:

I’ve turned it “off & on again”, meaning RW8 and my computer. Delete everything and started from scratch in the existing project file and created a couple of other bare-bones test RW8 files with default themes. Nothing worked. Tried un-publishing/re-publishing the Google Sheet, used all combinations of the share links available, even though it’s the CSV version I need. Setup separate test Google Sheet…same thing.

Imagine my dismay when I went back to look the RW8 file in the Dropbox folder I shared with you to find that things started working. “…figured out by chance?” I think you nailed it. All of a sudden it works. I changed nothing.

Anyhow, I went back to that portion of the main project I’ve been working on and it’s working too. I changed nothing on that page either. It just started working. It’s not the Depth Theme, not PageSafe & apparently not GSheets. (Unless there was an auto update I didn’t know about.)

The common denominator for all of the RW8 files is Rapidweaver itself. Did it have a fur ball it needed to cough up? I don’t know. I’ve had publishing issues with it that Realmac support asked me to send log files for. When I have the publishing issue I can’t even get it to send those log files. It wouldn’t surprise me if there’s another bug biting me in the backside. :wink:

I appreciate the attention & suggestions provided here. Hope things keep working like they should.

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