GSheet - can it do this?

Toward the bottom of the page I have “mimicked” and “mutated” columns.

I want those MORE buttons to open an individual/unique lightbox with a detailed description (and that description is in a Google Sheet). OR have the MORE buttons individually expand the box to reveal a detailed description.

So far I can’t figure out how to do this at all. And haven’t heard from Weavium via tech support in a couple weeks.

A little desperate to figure this out! I’ve gone way down the rabbit hole with the GSheet stack and I’m stuck…

@weavium? Anyone?

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Can GSheets somehow be used in tandem with Weavium’s VIEW MORE Stack? Damn, that stack is so slick!

It should be able to do that, I’d think. What’s the impetus for using G Sheet, though, is it just the templated approach? Because it seems like you could use a number of lightbox options (or the View More stack if you like it) and just copy/paste your layout for your ten boxes.

I’d think G Sheet should work anyway, but unless the content is changing or it needs to be managed via a spreadsheet for some reason, you may be over-complicating things (or I am misunderstanding things, which is also totally possible).

Thanks for the reply – I’d like to use GSheet so that I can be lazy and have someone else populate the dozens of pages easily within Google Sheets. I don’t want to use rapidweaver to fill in all the content :slight_smile:

Oh, and it wouldn’t have to be a lightbox. I’m just needing any way to have that Longer Description show up somewhere on the page when a user clicks MORE!

Fair enough! I got G Sheet at launch but haven’t had a chance to use it on an actual site yet so I can’t help you there, unfortunately. It does seem like something that G Sheet should be able to do, though. Hopefully @weavium or someone else gets back to you

So then my question would be… HOW! I can’t figure it out.What would I need to have a GSheet button trigger either a lightbox or to make another stack appear elsewhere on the page!

To be slightly more specific, the issue I run into is: how to get a single description to appear when a single MORE button is clicked? Currently as I’m testing, the best I can do is to get ALL the descriptions to open up, even if a single MORE button is clicked.

I found a solution, but it was a phenomenal amount of work. Anyone perusing this in the future is welcome to reach out. Thanks!

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I am working with Gsheet (
would be interested to configure a button in Gsheet to open a modal or something like that.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Nothing I have done seems to allow for any type of pop-up/modal window to appear ANYWHERE in the browser. I would love that too!

@weavium, are you there!? <3


weirdest workaround. I made a custom “Cart Updated” GIF file and had it appear above the GSheet material.

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Hi everyone,

Sorry for the slow reply. Gsheet does not currently support this type of popup, or expanding functionality, but Gsheet mixed with our fantastic Fluid stack can do all of this with ease. Fluid is a bit expensive but it’s well worth it and very powerful. Cheers!

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Hey!! I’m so glad you’re back :slight_smile:

Curious how fluid can work with GSheet to achieve this! the two stacks team right up out of the box?

hello interested if you show us an example , thanks

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I would be interested in an example too

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