How to use links in Google Sheets in Weavium Gsheet

Thanks to some suggestions here, I bought Gsheet from Weavium in order to use my Google Sheet to create a Birthday of the day. I combined it with Timed Content, and its seems to be working.

My question concerns links in the Google Sheet. Using Gsheet, the links appear as text, not clickable links? I have links to websites, YouTube, and jpgs.

Is there a solution to this? How about having jpgs show up as pics, rather than links?

Thanks, as always, to the expertise here.

Terry Vosbein

here is the site:

I removed the links as text for the time being because they were almost useless.

Do you have the correct description in the top line of the corresponding column?

See example:

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If you use the image stack in the G-Sheet stacks suite fotos show up as fotos - you just set the Attribute to the row where the links to the photos are. You can even give every photo a link with the Link attribute (another row you can specify)

Bildschirmfoto 2020-11-27 um 10.23.16

Text links: Make sure to make the links in the Google sheet “real” links (see screenshot above)

Thanks to you both. 1) at some point a reordered the Google Sheet and lost my headers. I have since frozen them; 2) I was able to add the links to photos using the Gsheet photos stack, rather than the text stack as I had been trying; 3) I was able to add the links to external pages successfully using the Gsheet button stack.

One last thing.

Is there a way to force the link in the Gsheet Button stack to open in a new page? I know the html code for that, but it seems this is asking for a simple HTTP link.



I have the same question. Looks to me like you need the GSheet ‘Button’ stack:

  1. Set the ‘Link From’ to ‘Attribute’
  2. Set the ‘Link Type’ to Basic (for URL’s), Email or Phone Number
  3. Set the ‘row.attribute’ to the appropriate column in your GSheet

and this should work. I can’t see any way to do text links however. If there is I’d like to hear!

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That is how I got it to work, the Button stack.

I tried using this in the Text stack, but it didn’t, work: <a href=“{{}}“>More info</a>

It returned this link:“{{}}"

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