Guestbook or comments sollution

I once used a comments stack which I liked, but eventually the spamming killed its purpose. What iam looking for is a sollution that i can monitor, that sends me the comments for approval, which i then allow or discard.
Any suggestions

Why not use Disqus. I believe you can set it up so comments are monitored first.

Can do, but was looking for something more direct! That didnt involve 3rd party sign ups etc.

With Disqus you can enable it so “guests” can make comments. That way the only person who needs to sign up is you.

I think the trick in what you’re looking for is you want auto-notification and moderation. Those are kind of tricky to set up in a standalone stack. There might be a great script you can purchase at one of the sales places that provide scripts: I forget the name of the most common one. Sorry.

Joe Workman’s comments stack (which taps into Disqus or Facebook) works very nicely:

Another alternative (without moderation) is Muut. Will Woodgate has a Muut stack:

I have deployed BackSnap on a number of site and have have to problem with bots.

Works well and easy to deploy.

Hi Mark, Could you send a link to look at?

Yabdab’s link is above.

Here is one of my sites with backsnap employed:


Okay, and can you edit comments before they go up, or do they appear directly?
What’s your experience with spam?

Have not had a problem with Spam as there is a Bot check built in. Simple but effective thus far for me.

I do not believe there is a SYSOP release function but in the administration page you can edit, respond, or delete any post. In SQL there may be that function, but I have not needed it so never checked.

Good luck.