Guestbook with moderation

Hi im looking for a guestbook with moderation with email functions ?

there is backsnap which has the possibility to remove comments etc as an admin.
Pros: It is hosted on your server, no external source needed
Cons (not for the experienced): you need a database on your server, most of the host companies provide this, you have to know your credentials, passwords etc

e-mail function: Not sure what you mean - that the comments are emailed or that the guest can also send an email?


I haven’t worked with anything but disqus in the recent years. It may not be perfect with regard to limitations in styling etc. but it is well maintained and works well.

Backsnap seems to be a very nice stack for comments, but you cannot buy it on the page. Is it not sold any more? Could not find it.

You could have a look at the comments stack

I assume you want commenters to log in first? If you do, that’s a whole separate issue.

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Mmmh, yes, could not find it on the page either.
Perhaps a direct mail/PM to @yabdab can help?
working example is here:

That looks pretty good. It appears to have email integration also? Can a user submit a comment without entering their email address?

Hi Neil,
no, in my case you can’t comment without filling out all the fields - in the settings you can require the email
see screenshot

It’s a good solution. Shame it’s no longer sold.

I have the commentStack. It is very easy to use and is doing the job. And with login,… it works great with SiteLok. I can confirm that. (Edit: Just checked and saw the local file-format for the comments is a noSQL database file.)

But I like the idea to have the comments inside a database to use these with other tools maybe. Really sad, that it isn’t sold anymore.

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Thanks for all the info will find something from this.

Yes, it is not available currently. I am trying to narrow my focus on RW offerings. If I have time I will do some updates to Backsnap and re-release it again.

Sounds absolutely great. Looking forward to it! Thanks for the info.

Thanks for chiming in and considering the re-release @yabdab !

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