H1 plugin AND site analytics plugin or software

Latest RW plus Feather theme and stacks.

Hi There

Following some fantastic advice from people on this forum, I am manually adding page specific h1 titles.
Example attached, NB not all pages have h1 titles yet but will do by early afternoon.

I have 2 further questions in my quest to improve the SEO of my site.

1: I can not seem to find a way to alter the font weight of size of the title using the ‘Feather’ theme. Is there such a thing as a plug-in to allow more control over adding the


2: I know that Rapidweaver V7 includes ‘health check’ and I also have ‘SEO RX’

But, does anyone know if there is a more advanced plug-in OR stand-alone software that will provide me with a more detailed analysis and clear advice on what might need attention and how to implement it


Hi All

Just to add to the above I have now managed to reduce the h1 page title font in Inspector > Styled Text. BUT no matter how I select the text and choose alignment centre, the title aligns left.

If I click on the inner box in the stack or select the text the alignment shows as centre.

If I click on the outer stack frame then Format > Alignment, Alignment is showing as greyed-out set to align left.

How are you adding your own H1 tags? Are you manually typing them in?

On your home page, you have two opening H1 tags surrounding you title. The second one should be a closing tag. Almost all HTML tags have opening and closing tags. The closing tag is nearly always the same as the opening page but with a “/” after the opening “<” character.

Here’s the tags around your main title.

The ending tag should be </H1>


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