Insert PHP code into a form in foundation?

Appreciate any help. Built a site using Joe Workman Foundation form stacks within a foundation themed site of course. Form works great, but i have a snippet of code in PHP that captures the IP address. Need to get that to be sent along with the form itself. I tried a couple different things – 1) used a hidden field, inserted the brief snippet of code into the “value” field, but that just sends me a blank field. 2) inserted an HTML stack (not foundation specific) and put the snippet in there. But that doesn’t seem to do anything either. I will say it does work if I go into the PHP file itself and add the code there, but I’d rather not have to do that every time I update this site and it’s form.

Is there an easy way to insert a brief snippet of code into the form itself so that the script that runs places data onto the form when it gets emailed or added to mySQL database?

thanks everyone!

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