Problem with Yuzool

I bought a stack from Yuzool, but couldn’t get it to work right. I emailed their support email address at the weekend, but alas didn’t get a reply. Maybe they’re really busy.

Does anyone know how long they usually take to reply to emails.



@yuzool usually responds to emails within 1 week. He is based in Japan,

He, apparently, has been having issues with receiving emails from clients, wether it is because of a bad email address from the sender or the response from Michael going to the senders spam box is unknown to me. Typically though, his support is very good from my experiences.



I have had similar experience as Turtle, very good support but can take a long time to get back to emails.

Having my own issues at the moment. Micheal, if you see this thread I could really do with your help. too.

@Pip try putting your issue here in the forums, he may see it before your support email and you could get help earlier, either by @yuzool or somebody else. Best of luck with your issue.

That’s reassuring to hear. Maybe he’s busy working on some great new stacks and themes and so in the zone he’s forgotten to check his messages. I know I’ve done that before.

I don’t really need a fix for the problem any more, as, when I did hear back from him, I ended up having to look for alternatives and managed to sort something out, so I just need a refund now.

I’m sure I’ll hear soon. Fingers crossed.

@Turtle It hasn’t been quite a week yet, so I’ll be patient.

I figured he might have had email problems so I have messaged him via this forum too, but no look that way either. Maybe he is on vacation.


Tis true, could be on vacation or really busy at his day job, I’m confidant that @yuzool will respond as soon as he possibly can.


Oh goodness, that’s not so great for business. @yuzool is a really great guy, from my experience talking to him, though I wonder if he needs somebody to deal with his mail box and support end of things. Here’s hoping he is well and in one piece though, and as you say, on vacation or taking some time off. Glad to hear you resolved your issue, nonetheless.

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I could not get the COLLECT stack to work. (If anyone has info I’d be grateful as i would be really useful)

IN the past I have had lots and lots of correspondence with Michael.He is usually fantastically helpful, sometimes it takes a couple of days. But now no word. He may be away or something

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Thanks @Turtle!

@Pip - only got your private message through this forum from a couple days ago, no email, sorry. @Turtle is right having some issues so should be fixed for the future as explained here:

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@Leon - you should be OK now? Just update to 1.9.0 and it will work :slightly_smiling:

But yeah @leon - I do need the help. Getting swamped in emails these days :cry:
So getting some help on that front soon also. More on that later

Thanks for the support!

Thanks @Figory I just found your email and replied about that.

For anyone else having an issue with Collect, it’s an easy fix and now documented here:

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Cheers Michael. Glad to hear from you. Got your reply to the email last night so thanks for that.

Have a great weekend and don’t spend all of it doing support :slight_smile: You need some quality time too.

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Thanks @Pip :slight_smile: Appreciate it

read this from Yuzool… All
themes & stacks are backed by a 30-day no-questions-asked refund
policy. If you are not satisfied for whatever reason, then simply

email within 30 days of purchase and you’ll be refunded immediately.

buy the cart stack in december… write a few days later…please money back…not satisfied…today march…nothing… no monea back!

@krentscher - please can you write in with your issues to hear and we’ll fix you up:

This is our most successful Stack so I’m sure it’s something that can be fixed easily :slight_smile:


i was searching for troubleshooting tipps for the collect stack and want to refresh this discussion instead of opening a new thread.

i can´t get collect working at all and i am waiting for response from yuzool support…

although I have the “uploads” folder on the server (containing one index.html file…? when I delete it it will be there again after I publish again…?!)
when I drag and drop a file nothing happens
when I browse to choose a file from my mac and klick OK – nothing happens

Are there any restrictions how to name and where to place the page that contains the collect stack?
has anyone collect working in a foundry site?
Are there any specials to consider regarding the server the page is published to?
i wonder what exactly was / is the problem that other users have / had with collect stack?


I don’t think I have any open tickets about ‘Collect’ in the system just now Mr G. Would it be possible to reply on that ticket and mention the forum so that I get a notification and we can take it from there?

If you cannot find that ticket, please raise a new one and we will fix this up for you.