Having problems saving project

all of a sudden i am having errors trying to save my project in “save as”. error can’t save document. been doing same steps for years…and all of a sudden getting this error. any ideas. did let me save to cloud and dropbox. help?

What exactly is the error message?

If you can save to DropBox, what happens if you create a copy on - say - your DeskTop, and try and open and reserve that?

Where/how ‘to the cloud’?

With which name are you trying to Save As…?

Could you be trying to save to a directory which needs different permissions?

Could the filename be one that’s not allowed - such as, for example, something with a forward slash in it?

Can you Save, but not Save as…?

I’m having the same problem saving projects too. Can someone please help me?

From that error message it does look as though you’re trying to save it into a directory for which the user does not have permissions.

So - where are you trying to save it?

Thanks MarkSealey, for replying back, I found out what I was doing wrong. I was unknowingly trying to save it there and I wasn’t even looking. I’m all set now. Thanks again!

Any time, @ BMoreGoHard; good luck with your project!