Having problems saving project

(marci kramer) #1

all of a sudden i am having errors trying to save my project in “save as”. error can’t save document. been doing same steps for years…and all of a sudden getting this error. any ideas. did let me save to cloud and dropbox. help?

(Mark Sealey) #2

What exactly is the error message?

If you can save to DropBox, what happens if you create a copy on - say - your DeskTop, and try and open and reserve that?

Where/how ‘to the cloud’?

With which name are you trying to Save As…?

Could you be trying to save to a directory which needs different permissions?

Could the filename be one that’s not allowed - such as, for example, something with a forward slash in it?

Can you Save, but not Save as…?

(Eric Brice) #3

I’m having the same problem saving projects too. Can someone please help me?

(Mark Sealey) #4

From that error message it does look as though you’re trying to save it into a directory for which the user does not have permissions.

So - where are you trying to save it?

(Eric Brice) #5

Thanks MarkSealey, for replying back, I found out what I was doing wrong. I was unknowingly trying to save it there and I wasn’t even looking. I’m all set now. Thanks again!

(Mark Sealey) #6

Any time, @ BMoreGoHard; good luck with your project!