Having trouble with fonts.. Easiest way to get this font to show?

Hi guys -

I’m just trying to get the font voltaire to load to the site. This font is available in font packages and it is also a google font. What is the fastest and easiest way to get this to load as my h1 h2 h3 etc.?

I’ve tried this using the font style stack from big white duck

Followed all instructions to upload a font pack to a subdomain on my server space. I created fonts.mydomain.com.
I found the font I am hoping to use is also a google font which might make things easier.

I am hoping to serve my own font and would appreciate some guidance to get things set up correctly.

I set my permissions file, subdomain and control screen within RW to confirm the settings.

I have no idea why it is not working.

uploaded both of the versions to the space. I directed the stack using the subdomain with http and without http without any change in result. I have played with this for hours and it never loads the font.

(also having trouble building forms and posted a topic without any luck.)

struggling with certain aspects … without a working version or seeing it work once it is extremely hard to determine how things are supposed to appear when functional. It isn’t happening easily

Thanks for the support

You can do this easier with the Letterpress stack by Joe Workman, you will also want to read this FAQ.

I actually primarily used letterpress for most text on the site. It has an option to bring in voltaire?

Also found this awesome old video with Leonard Nimoy.Very interesting info check it out:

It is more than likely a simple url issue. Web fonts are great but you need to make sure that the path to the font files you enter into the FontStyles setting is correct and that there are no CORS (cross origin sharing issues). Have you looked in the browser inspector for errors, you may well have a 404 error saying that the font can’t be found.

If you have a link to a published test site using FontStyles I more than likely will be able to tell you the problem in seconds.

If the fonts are in a sub domain, did you add the .htaccess snippet on the FontStyles as shown in the stack and on the instructions site here ?

If you have any errors in either of these things then whichever method or stack you use will fail the same.

You can also always drop me a support email and we will get it working.