I still like Comic Sans MS Font, but i have some CSS i dont know how to use it?

http://timmytoad.org.uk/font.css.zip this is the correct css file for the ComicNeue font

Hi all, i have been trying my best to make some sense of Fonts and the files that are important to be able to use them in a RW project, prompted mainly by trying to make sense of JW’s Font Pro stack and InStacks Custom Font stack i have now got the files for a few fonts ending in .woff .svg .ttf .eot .otf woff2
along with these files i have a .css file which i have pasted above, but nowhere is there any information on what that .css file does (i do know where to put it LOL)
do i still need the .woff etc. files if i have that .css file in my project ??.
this is all basic stuff i do realise, the answers are probably very easy for all of you.


I am confused. You got Font Pro and we helped you get Comic Sans working with it…


Hi @joeworkman I have been in touch with Robert again regarding Font Pro, it still isn’t going very smoothly for me, i then got to thinking, very dangerous i know “me thinking” , that if i could understand how to use the CSS above i might not need to rely so heavily on Font Pro, afterall i only want to use an alternative Font in my project, realistically Font Pro, if and when i can fully understand how to use it, is far too powerful for what i am trying to do.

yours sincerely Tim

I don’t really see how Font Pro can be ‘too powerful’. It does what you want and it makes it a lot easier. As it’s a Google Font, it’s particularly easy – you don’t need any of those font files. I’ll walk you through it if you like.

Comic Sans isn’t a Google Font so you would have to buy it with a license suitable for being used as a web font.

@timmytoad Also be aware that if you are serving Comic Sans as a web font from your server, you will have to take appropriate measures to stop someone from stealing the font, by implementing some .htaccess restrictions, to satisfy the Comic Sans Police.

See http://instacks.com/customfontstack/tutorial/ -> Google Fonts

My mistake, @webdeer . It’s bad enough to be. It’s hard to imagine anyone paying for it! In fact, I see that @timmytoad already has a free version.

I don’t believe there is a free version of it so anyone using it as a web font should be aware of the issues. Of course it may not be Comic Sans but some other font renamed as Comic Sans. Who knows. I expect it is Comic Neue with is a free font.

Actually, he is using this font

@peterdanckwerts I mean it is too powerful for ME to take it all in. LOL


@instacks thanks for the link, i have had a play with your Stack which is excellent, i may well use it fully yet, i am not sure yet, i am struggling with FontPro, but i am getting help with that as well, so maybe the end is in sight :slight_smile:


I have an answer to your issue, but allergy shots and basketball camp has kept me from responding. I will do so in a little bit. It is a very simple fix.

@zeebe @webdeer @peterdanckwerts @instacks @joeworkman yes i do indeed have an official free copy of ComicNeue and to my untrained eye, it IS near enough to ComicSans to not make any difference.

Thanks for your InPut chaps, it probably does seem a bit strange for me to ask about CSS and Fonts in the same breath. But in the Zip file with the ComicNeue font files, was a CSS file, very similar to above, and i thought what have i got to do ?, to make use of it, perhaps if i knew how to use that CSS i wouldnt need any Font Stacks at all :slight_smile:

I do hope that all makes sense to someone ?


Just to put things right, i obviously gave you all, the wrong CSS file at the top of the shop !, i have now uploaded the original CSS file that came with the ComicNeue Font Files, please find it at :thumbsdown:-
Sorry for the confusion i created with ComicSans.
Happily, i am now getting on better with the FontPro stack, thanks to @zeebe

If anybody at all can make sense of all this, it would still be good to know what i Can or Should do with that CSS file !.


@joeworkman Thanks Joe, your man @zeebe put me right, well and truly, on the problem i was having with FontPro, it was all my doing why it went wrong.