Still Resources Problems with 8.1.1

Each time I re-open a project file the linked resource images have disappeared. I re-link them - first, Reveal in Finder, then Relink, often more than once, then eventually the linked resource images re-appear. I save and close the file, then re-open and they are gone again. Happening on both my key web projects. I’ve been a RW user since version 3 and have never had this amount of grief before. HELP!

I’m in a real mess here. Any chance of support from RW tech?

Did you contact the support?

I didn’t know I could… Is there a link?

Oh that. Yes, I sent an email but is says for sales and licensing only. Fingers crossed they’ll take pity on me… Thanks though.

Yes - I’m having issues with resources also on 8.1.1
It seems messed up.

I have an older site using the Nick Cates Carbon theme where page banner images are called through a link to resources, plus I reuse the same approach for footers and for a clock/weather widget. Last week I needed to manually relink all my resource (about 400 of them). Although they’re now linked (when I open the resource browser), 8.1.1 isn’t displaying them in the page previews. It did for a while … but then got itself messed up and they no longer appear.


Sounds similar to my problem. Strangely quiet from RW support. I’m toying with the idea of deleting everything and re-installing. I don’t know what else to do - such a pain to do though. I can’t keep on relinking resources each time I open a project file. Perhaps this bug (because that must be what it is) only affects old themes that call resources through links. I’m using SeyDesign Aptenon theme on one project and Elixir Ruby on the other. I will check out a Foundry project I’m working on and see is it displays the same symptoms.

Well this is interesting. I have just used the same item link code in three projects. This is the code:

> <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="%resource(tripadvisor.png)%" height="59" width="126" alt="Read Ty Parke Camping & Yurt Holiday reviews on Trip Advisor"></a>

It works without relinking in a Foundry project I’m working on. It does not work in SeyDesign Aptenon project (my main site), or Elixir Ruby (another main site). In these two cases I must relink all the images called through links such as the one above each time I open the project. Now is that because these are old themes? I really don’t want to rebuild two websites at the moment…

Maybe the above is causing an issue? The “greater than” at the beginning of the code. It might not be the issue, but worth a try?

No, that was me pasting in. :roll_eyes:

Ok, not to worry. I never use Resources in RW so can’t be of much help I’m afraid.

Hey guys, this is definitely sounding like a bug. Can you describe the steps you use to relink the files?

Also, please send your projects along with the theme file to


Hi and thank you. Already sent zipped project this morning - please see email from me to support@ I’ll send Aptenon theme in a mo.

From fiddling around it seems to have changed a bit - for the better…

The steps now are:
Open project
Note that Resource linked images are missing
Open ‘Resources’
Select an image that is missing and choose ‘Reveal in Finder’
Switch from ‘Preview’ to ‘Edit’ to ‘Preview’
Hey Presto - ALL the linked images appear
Close project
Re-open project and start all over again…

Oh man, this is definitely a weird one! Thanks for the steps!

Thanks for looking. I have just sent you the theme file ‘Aptenon’. Also affects ‘Ruby’ theme, so will send that too.

Hey guys, RapidWeaver 8.1.2 is available with a fix that hopefully will solve this problem! Please update and give it a go.


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Thanks Tom.
The new version seems better. My resources are back :slight_smile:


Thank you Tom and Team RW - 8.1.2 has sorted me too! Very much appreciate the speedy response.

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