Putting rapidweaver files back in the rapidweaver program after download them from the host provider!

Is it possible to download a website folder created with Rapidweaver, to your desktop, edit it and upload it again through Rapidweaver?

Not without the RW file.

But, can it be done? Because I lost some of my files by carelessly deleting them from the external drive they where on!

The website is still up and the files are on the hostt provider’s server.

ONLY if you have a RW file. You will not find this on your server, unless you had RW save a backup. Do you have a backup hard drive? You need to have the pages in a RW file. You may recreate the pages by adding photos that are on the server, but if you don’t have the actual RW file, you will have to recreate everything from scratch, by going to the website url and copying and pasting text and reformatting it… as you will not be able to open any pages.

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Okay and thank you so much!

You could try SiteSucker