Help adding Bancontact payment method to Cart3 (stripe)

Hi everyone, I made a small webshop to promote a book and several related items for a client in Belgium. All works just fine with PayPal and Stripe. However, in Belgium lots of people use a Bancontact card which is not Maestro or CreditCard. My client wants me to add this payment method but since I am not a programmer I have no clue.
I’m using RW 8.9, Foundry and Cart3 (all of them are the most recent versions).

Any ideas?


How to accept payments from a Bancontact card depends on what it actually is. If it’s not a debit or credit card, what is it?

Hi TemplateRepo, it’s a debit card, not a credit card. Only used in Belgium. Stripe provides codes, but I feel a bit lost.


Codes for what? You need to give as much info as you can for me or anyone else to be able to help.

Just found this page…

Which by the sounds of it means Bancontact handles it’s own online payments, in that it’s a gateway/payment processor. In which case, yes, as you mentioned at the top, you will need it added to the onsite payment solution (Cart3) as a payment option.

In which case you need to contact the Cart3 dev.

Thanks, will do that.
Many thanks for your time.


Not a bother.

I contacted YuzoolThemes with my question. Answer: “That is something we do not support currently, but we can look at adding that capability to Cart3.”

This is very nice, but it doesn’t solve my problem for now. Stripe provides codes to be implemented on a webshop (Accept a Bancontact payment). It’s html and JS. I have no idea how to even begin to do this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I’m a bit confused, if Stripe provide the code, then perhaps they do support it? But not via their usual API? I’m lost!

This code, put it up here so we can see it? That might give us some clues.

Hi TeplateRepo,

Yes, Stripe does support Bancontact (and other specific payment methods). They provide the code on the page I mentioned in a previous post (Accept a Bancontact payment). I started to experiment the code via CSS and html in the inspector of the checkout (Via Cart button). But as said, I am not a programmer and don’t really know what I am doing here.

Without seeing the code (not in a tiny sidebar screenshot) it’s hard to say what you might need to do.

It looks from what I can make out from the screenshot that you have more than just CSS in the CSS tab.

Hello Doug,

I apologise for not being clearer on this issue. Stripe does offer codes to implement more payment methods on checkout of a webshop (in my case: RW 8.9, Foundry2, Cart3).


The codes are to be found on the Stripe web site: Accept a Bancontact payment | Stripe Documentation

I admit, I am a complete nerd when it comes to coding, I was formed as a graphic designer who started building websites, after a career in advertising and communication, with RW5 so many years ago.

I feel a bit lost for I want to find a solution for my client. Bancontact is a debet card used by 15 million people in Belgium. So it’s worthwhile to offer this payment method in a Belgian webshop.


Depending on the integration method Cart3 is using (there are several different ways), it can be just one single line of code:

payment_method_types: ['bancontact'],

…needs to be added to the payment methods when creating a checkout session.

And probably you (your client) needs to activate “Bankcontact” in the Stripe dashboard (Settings → Payment Methods:

However, there are some things to consider: Bankcontact accepts EUR only, so the shopping cart or shop site must prevend currency switching (I don’t know Cart3).

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This is not working, you simply copied the code from several steps into the inspector :wink:

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I know, I was just experimenting :pensive:

Belgium is Europe, the book that is offered in the webshop is Dutch, all the rates are already in EUR… so no problem with the currency.

I’ll try some more things (client needs to activate “Bancontact”, etc…) on monday.

Thanks for the input and feedback.


Hello Hans,

I’m in Belgium and using Mollie services with Ecwid…All is working fine with local banks payments via Bancontact (QR code scan via mobile or bank card details to be added) to ING, Fortis, Crelan, KBC, etc…Never used Cart3…

Hello Baldimor, it is a bit strange. I made webshops using Cart3 and PaySnap, depending on the specific needs of the client. These are simple shops and work just fine for a limited range of products and within a limited budget. @dripple managed to incorporate Bancontact in a Cart3 testshop. All works fine on his side, only when I visit his test I don’t see the bancontact payment (nor does my client who visited from a different location). I don’t see the logic here…

I’ll set up my own test using Heiko’s (@dripple ) patch and see what happens. I also contacted Yuzool as they are de dev of Cart3. No clear answer there…

BTW, hands up for the RW community. Thanks to everyone who is willing to sacrifice time and energy to help solve other users’ issues.

Hartelijk dank,


Hello Hans,

Like you I do not understand codes, so just an user…I wanted to say that with Ecwid platform (it’s free for 10products) you can integrate Stripe but also Mollie services…They are really good (based in NL), no subscriptions fee just a fee per payment and they are offering all Belgian banks payments with a Belgian debit card…It’s working fine for me…Now maybe to check whether Cart3 can intergrate Mollie next to PayPal & Stripe…I have the 3 options with Ecwid


Hi Boris,
Good to know Ecwid works fine. I will surely check it out.

@dripple , just made a successful test with my own shop!!!
Thanks again.