Yuzool Cart 3 Shopping Cart Integration

Just purchased Cart 3 stack from Yuzool. I understand how to integrate it up to a point. Do I also have to sign up with Apply Pay and Stripe aside from adding it to my website? I’m new to web development. I want to ensure that the payment is filtered to my company, so I imagine I would have to connect that bank account through Apple Developer site and/or via Stripe independently of adding Cart 3 stack elements to my site in Rapidweaver. Any assistance would be appreciated please.

Hello. You don’t “have to” use Apple Pay and Stripe ; you can choose to use PayPal only…
And yes ; you have to create and configure your Stripe account to get the two keys (public and secret) and put them into your Cart3 settings, it’s quite simple.
I never used apple pay…

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Hey, Thank you for the advice. Makes good sense. Doing so now.

ok !

And take a little time to compare PayPal and Stripe fees ; Stripe can be more interesting sometimes and, as I said, it is easy to configure (although, if I remember well, Stripe does not handle promotions, discounts, with Cart3, you’ll find information about that…).

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Thanks for the heads up regarding fees. Just finished registering with Strip. Quick and painless. Great customer service thus far. Their fee structure is very simple and direct. Have been e-mailed and received a call - all within 24 hours. So far so good!

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