Help; Failed to load resource


Can anyone point to right direction with this missing styles in page problem?

Contact page is not showing properly

RW8 + Foundry + SEO Helper on the page
New hosting company
Stacks uptodate

I have multiple times deleted old files with FTP and re-uploaded with RW’s inbuilt FTP as well with Transmit. No change.

I have tried to disable hosting company’s Nginx proxy server with cache.disable file on html:public root. No change.

I have opted to send email from form with SMTP on Foundry’s From Pro stack and looks like PHPMailer is automatically generated in index_files folder under Contact page folder. It is required by hosting company.

Browser developer tools shows error for missing resources?! I just can’t figure out what and why if I uploaded with Transmit FTP, so it shouldn’t be RW’s ftp cache either.

Thanks for the help!

No point in having this topic on two forums, I replied to the original post:
Form Pro broken styles - Foundry / Potion Pack - Elixir Support

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