Upgraded to latest RW and Foundry, site is messed up

I bought the Foundry update on the day it came out, have not downloaded any updates to that since it came out… are there any?

I today upgraded to the latest version of RW… and Stacks…

And in design mode all seems OK, but I published my site and it is MESSED UP… everything is the wrong size, nothing is where it’s supposed to be, all text is over on the left or right all the way, the layout basically is really messed up, I mean the site is really destroyed…

Any idea of what ails me, and what I can do, because I published, and I’ve upgrade, I can’t easily go back… though I will if there’s no relief for this… help !

Excuse me if this has already been talked about. I’m typing without doing a ton of research.

Did you try republishing all files?

A URL might be helpful.

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The URL is https://www.goravani.com

It seems MANY stacks are not working. I use a variety of stacks, and most of them are malfunctioning on the published page. Upgrading to RW latest just today brought up the update to latest Stacks version, both went well… page opened in edit mode no problem, and is totally fine there… either Foundry’s changes, or Stacks changes, or RW changes, have messed things up.

Republishing ALL files did not help. Still messed up.

You are getting errors on the console.
Looks like the Google fonts are http not https?

Well I reverted back to the last RW before this upgrade, the last Stacks software before their upgrade, and the Foundry v1, and my site came back, thank goodness. At least I can update it and go forward…

Something is up with somebody’s upgrade, I did all three at once and that proved to be a no no.

I’m happy where I am… good enough… thanks.

Perhaps one at a time would be a better approach. Introducing a number of large changes makes things difficult – when things go wrong it’s difficult to know where to start looking. If you take small steps and change one thing at a time the problem might present itself to be something simple. :smiley:


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