Help hijacking Elixir Focus/Modal close button - Example site

I’m trying to hijack the modal/close button (using Elixir’s Focus stack) to create my own custom close/goto button. Here is an example site that demonstrates my challenge.

Essentially I want to open open the modal (Focus stack) and have a link within that modal window that will close the window and go elsewhere. Hope that makes sense…any thoughts are appreciated.

Just playing around via inspector mode, if you change the a href setting in the X close button in Focus from #0 to #marker2, it works as expected. So, I don’t know if you’d need to try and target that ‘cd-modal-close’ class… that’s beyond my skill level.

Thanks Jason. I suspect you are correct with targeting that modal class. Perhaps someone will chime in with that bit…beyond my current skill level as well. Thanks for the help.

I wanted to offer an update to anyone who might have taken a peak here. Still no luck on a solution…however, I did want to mention the great communication from Adam at Elixir…I had submitted the same question to him. Essentially he informed me that this would require some custom coding. As one might imagine this is not something that he/Elixir really supports. I just wanted to give a shout out to Adam for responding to my question with a great explanation of why he/Elixir can’t support such “custom” requests. Great communication from a company/individual with great stacks (IMHO). I’ll likely move on to another solution…thanks to all for any input.

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