Open Modal Popup from Mini-Nav Link; Anyone Know?

does anyone know how to open a modal popup window from the mini-navbar link?

Thx :smiley:

I think we are going to need to know what “modal” you are opening and from what Mini-Nav you are using?

Ok, thx teeters,
I’m using Foundry: Modal stack and Foundry: Mini-Nav


I don’t think there’s an easy-way to do that with the Foundry Modal. I’m no expert on Foundry, but I think the modal included with foundry can only be easily be launched with the built-in button. @Elixir?

Hmmmm thx so much for your insight. I’ll ask over @ the elixir site & see what I get.

That is currently true.

Thx Adam!!! :slight_smile:

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