HELP invalid banner / website is not uploading anymore

Invalid Banner. Error: You have specified to use a banner but have not provided one. Please Help, Im not able to publish my website anymore and I have no idea what had happened…

Try adding the site banner to the Site Setup area again.

Hi @tom1,

Check each of your Page’s Page Inspector >> General Settings >> Override Site Banner drop zone. Make sure you don’t have any missing image resource in that drop zone (it’d look like a square box with a question mark icon in the middle). If so, click on it to highlight it and click the Delete key to clear it out.

Also check your resources folder for any missing resource files (they’d look like a square box with a question mark icon in the middle), and delete them if you find any.

Hi. Thanks for the answer… … I had tried it not still not working. I m sure that it s my fault but it s still failing to upload my website… is there any other chance ??

No worries, feel free to send your project file over to us per our guide here How do I share my project file with Realmac Support for troubleshooting? and we can take a look.

Thank you! I had sent that stuff to you as a zip data. Hopefully this will work out… thanks

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Thanks for sending the project file over.

After review it looks like two pages in your project file are causing this error:

  • Tom Grasshof
  • Impressum/DSVGO

It looks like at one point you dragged an image into the Override Site Banner drop zone and saved the project file. Later you either removed the image, or the image was lost somehow, but the Contents.plist file for those pages still referenced those missing banner images, causing the error.

The easy way to fix the error:

Drag a new image into the Override Site Banner drop zone for those two pages Tom Grasshof and Impressum/DSVGO. Doesn’t matter the image, can be any image file.

Afterwards save your project file. Once saved, go back and delete those images from the Override Site Banner drop zone (highlight the image and click Delete on your keyboard).

Once the images are deleted from the drop zone, save the project file again. This should clear out the BannerIdentifier Key in the Contents.plist files for both those pages and it will clear the error (tested on my end and working).

Let us know if you have any troubles doing the above, or still see errors afterwards.

Hey Dang, THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH FOR YOUR HELP! You are totally right: by now it s working! Thank you!!

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